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Investment ABC

Mar 25, 2020

Investing is important. Wise investments of your spare funds can be a great way to grow rich. These days, savings accounts offer very low interest and it is a waste to allow your money to lie in them. Based on your appetite for risk and your financial needs, you have various other investment schemes and options to choose from.

It is always safer to have a diversify portfolio. That is, to spread you money around in various types of schemes, so that the risks and returns get balance out. The company you work for would have a 401(k) plan which is always a safe bet. In this scheme, they will deduct a part of your salary every month and give it to an independent financial source to manage the investment. This is so that you get a healthy return at the end of your tenure.


Types of investment


For those of you with greater risk-taking ability, stock markets or mutual funds can be a good idea. In stock markets, you can buy shares of companies listed on the stock exchange. Usually, good companies offer dividends along with a fair return on your investment. Dividends are not mandatory, but a lot of companies like to distribute their profits among shareholders as dividends.

Some companies prefer to reinvest the profits into expansion projects instead of declaring dividends. These reinvestments in turn should lead to further profits. However, the stock markets are unpredictable and a lot of people who dabble in stocks with the purpose of making some quick bucks may end up with losses instead.

Mutual funds are relatively safer investments, though they are also subject to market risk. Mutual funds are investments made in the stock market by financial managers with a fund collected from actual investors. There can be sector-specific mutual funds for instance those that invest in Pharmaceutical or IT or infrastructure companies only. Whatever be the mode of your investment in the markets, it is vital that you track these on a regular basis.

If the prices of your shares or mutual funds decline at a time when there is a slowdown in the economy as a whole, there is no need to panic and sell at a loss. The markets will quite likely bounce back to where they were or perhaps even better.

For markets that are strong and yet, the value of your mutual funds is on a decline, it could mean it is not well invested. Or it would be advisable for you to sell and move your money into something that will generate better returns. A financial consultant can advise you about the market situation and what types of investments will suit your needs best.


invest in USA


How should you start up on investment


Whether theyíre working in the business world or stay-at-home mothers, many people today are drawn to the risky allure of investments. This can mean either huge rewards or painful losses. While this is impossible to predict the fluctuations of the market with 100% accuracy, as you build your portfolio, you will learn to accept the losses. Also to keep in mind the successes always waiting around the corner.

No one can control the market, but you can control what you invest in. Research products and know the businesses youíre putting your trust – and, more importantly, your dollars – in. One of the most common errors new investors make is jumping to invest in a hot stock from the previous year. It ís a common pattern for a market high to descend to a market low – right at the time youíre investing. This is not always the case, but it pays to invest in a strong stock rather than a fad thatís in one year and out the next.

It ís also important to know why you are investing in that particular stock. For instance, if you invest strictly to gain some momentum. When prices fall youíll know to drop out; otherwise, youíll sit there wondering whether to wait it out or cut your losses.

Ironically, while it ís impossible to predict the market, investments are all about timing. Two of the most important decisions investors make are when to take profits and when to cut losses. When the market is up, some say it ís best to run a profit – a risky choice that could mean a huge loss or an enormous reward. However, many prefer to take their money while the market is rising. this is in case a fall is on the way. When the market is down, nearly everyone agrees it ís best to close out before it gets worse to avoid losing any more money, cutting your losses.

Most importantly, only invest what you can afford, and have a good reason for investing. Losses are a real part of investment, which means you canít afford too many rash decisions. Especially when you are starting out. Donít let the market determine your bank account unless youíre using it to your advantage, whatever that may be.

The smartest thing a new investor can do is study the market. Before investing in a product, look at its record. Don’t jump into any investments – think them over first. Some good sources of information about investments include The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing (3rd Edition) by Kenneth M. Morris and Alan M. Siegel. The Real Life Investing Guide by Kenan Pollack and Eric Heighberger, and The Only Investment Guide Youíll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias.

If you stay well-informed and make careful decisions, the market can be an exciting tool. In the business world, anything can happen, and with the market highs come enormous rewards that are well worth the risks.


Other alternative choices


Joining an investment club could prove to be an exciting and enlightening experience. Especially for those who just starting their career in investment. Getting into the market early is crucial to your financial success and this also the reason why joining an investment club can be beneficial.

There are two prevailing types of investment clubs that exist at presentóthose investment clubs that are purely educational in orientation. To focus more on teaching investment principles and make use of simulations rather than real money. The second type of investment club is an organization wherein club members invest pooled cash into the market.

This type of an investment club usually forms a legal partnership. Whichever type of investment club you may choose you can be assured of gaining some very useful knowledge on investment.

Starting an investment club

Whether or not you have decided to join an investment club your decision would still depends on your objectives. Also your investing personality. To know if you are eligible to join an investment club there are certain requirements you need to be qualified first and these are as follows:

  • You are a novice when it comes to investment

Investment clubs are ideal for novice investors since it is a fun and educational way of learning the market. The assigned individual tasks to membersí helps in increasing the knowledge on investment. Likewise, the sharing of investment ideas from members also helps in understanding more the investment market

  • You need a structure to help you keep on track.

Constancy is key for successful long-term investment endeavor and club membership is a great way of ensuring that you regularly invest. Club membership can provide you with sufficient experience should you ever decide to invest individually in the market.

  • You feel that you need to diversify your investments.

Investment clubs help their members in spreading their investment among more stocks than they are likely would be able to as an individual investor. Also the investment risks are lessened to a large extent.

  • You need to have the desire to contribute to the club as well as free time

Your contribution may not always be in the form of money. Although it is require of club members to contribute to a common fund. Your contribution may also be in the form of knowledge on investments. To gather through research and share with the other members.

  • You are an investment person

This means that you believe in what investment clubs can do for you. And also you have confidence that investment club can provide you with the important knowledge that you need. In order for you to have a successful investment experience.

  • You like the social aspect of an investment club

Most of the monthly agenda of an investment club is given over to investment. There is also the opportunity to make friends among your investment club colleagues.

If you still believe that investment club is what you need, then you will have to find a group that fits your investment principles. There are many reputable investment clubs which you may choose from or you could choose to start one up yourself. Have a look online for existing clubs or for tips on setting up your own.

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Why you should consider buying gold

Mar 25, 2020
is gold still profitable

Make no mistake, the currency crisis is coming. Do people still rely on US dollar?

Rather than sitting back and letting it happen, protect yourself and profit from an economic upset that could basically render your dollars about as worthless as the paper they’re printed on.

We saw a preview of this kind of debacle quite recently. In early 2006 a currency plunge triggered an avalanche of sell orders in emerging markets from Brazil to Indonesia. The Icelandic krona plunged nearly 10 percent in only two days, dragging down Icelandic stocks and bonds with it and subsequently spread to Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Turkey.

A precursor to this was the Asian Currency Crash of 1997, which sent stocks south like ducks in winter. Banks, insurance companies, real estate and bonds also fled the scene. The only viable option left was gold.

In the event of another such decline in currency values, gold will be worth at least 10 times its current value.



Why gold


How is this possible?

Simple: Since gold cannot be made or printed at the whim of greedy politicians, it can’t be devalued as quickly as the paper money that is printed whenever need arises.

When a currency is backed by gold, $1 in paper money has to be backed by approximately one dollar’s worth of gold. Once a currency is no longer backed by gold, governments can print as much as needed. Naturally, most world governments have gone off the gold standard and that is why paper money has no intrinsic value.

As a result, most major institutions only speculate short term between those currencies and associated local values, such as stocks or bonds, and then they convert their profit into gold.


About Forex Super King


This is where Forex Super King excel. They specialize in global trading and diversification.

Their money is made in both currency trading, averaging 1,000 pips (price interest points) per month, and U.S. small stocks that recently acquired dual listings with the European exchange.

As a result, clients can experience a short-term windfall from 50 percent to 400 percent by tapping into the heavy buying power of European investors with holding time from a day to a month. They then convert half of our profit every month into gold.

You are shown how to get set up so that you can hold your funds in several currencies, even if you only have $500 to start.

Lastly to show you how to not only diversify internationally but how to trade the international markets as well as currency markets to realize substantial profit, short term.


invest in gold

Understand gold in depth


Do you know…Humans have been fascinated by gold for thousands of years, by the way it never tarnishes and by its unique color.

Sadly, gold is useless in engineering terms, except for plating electrical contacts, to ensure they never tarnish and lose their conductivity. You will find gold plated contacts on good quality hi-fi components.
The metal is too soft, with too low a tensile strength to be used for much besides necklaces and rings.

As an investment though, gold is a different story altogether.

Gold prices fall and rise, according largely to the degree of fear that people have about the future. When war is imminent, gold prices soar, as more people buy gold.

They are buying gold for several reasons. The gold will be there regardless of what happens to the currency and because war tends to lead to high inflation, paper money becomes worth less and less. People outside the war zone buy gold because they see the price going up and have they think it will keep going up and they will be able to sell at the top of the market and realize their profits. also buy gold because

When economic conditions are good, inflation low and employment rate high gold prices fall. Gold prices fall because it has no intrinsic value, only the value attached to it by peopleís fear. In calmer times, it is possible to invest in shares and gain from the rising share prices that usually accompany economic growth.


The conclusion on gold


Conclusion: Go against the trend – buy gold when everyone is saying to invest in the stock market. Sell gold when things are looking grim and there are many buyers out there.

Until recently, many countries made it illegal for individuals to hold gold bars or bullion. Individuals could buy gold coins and other items however. The South African Krugerrand is mint to exploit this opportunity and to earn much needed foreign exchange for that country during the years of economic sanctions.

Nowadays you can buy gold, silver and platinum coins in many denominations, including Canadian and US dollars, sterling crowns and sovereigns.

Tradionally, many investors shunt gold and invest in equities or fixed income markets. With the price of gold performing extremely well, alot of investors are turning their attention on gold.

The price of gold has topped US$700 recently. Gold is in a bull run since 2000. What is the implication? Will gold continue to rise in the future? Is it time to invest in Gold now? How to invest in Gold?




Why gold is rising


The rise in price of Gold is due to a number of factors. Some of them are list below.

1. International tensions and Bad times

During internation tensions and war, gold will always hold it values. Sometimes, investors trade currency for gold In recent Iran and US nuclear issues, price of gold will go up to US$700 in fear of oil prices rising. US dollars and inflation along with high federal trade deficit and debt have make investors buying gold to heged against currency flunctuations.

Though now the price drop slightly, it believe that gold is a good investment tool to use as a safe haven in time of crisis and bad times.

2. Supply and Demand Fundamentals

When the price of gold rise, more investors will buy gold. Since the supply and production of gold has limit, it will not be able to keep up with the increasing demand from the market. This will make the price of gold rally further.

3. Stock Market Bearish vs Gold Market Bullish

Gold always perform opposite of stock market historically. When stock markets are performing badly lately, gold markets were bullish. With uncertain economic and global conditions, some analyst believe that gold will further appreciate its value and continued its bullish run for long term.


How to invest in gold now


It is never too late to invet in gold now!

There are a few ways to invest in gold as per below.

1. Gold Jewelery

Gold jewelery is a popular means of investing as savings in developing countries like India and Middle East.

2. Gold Bullion and Coins

Gold Bullion are gold bars in 1g to 400g. Goid coins are legal tendar of issuing countries and usually sell at a small premium above current spot gold price. Popular investment grade coins are US Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf,

3. Gold Certifcates or Accounts

These are ownerships rights to gold bullion held by a financial instution such as a central bank for safe keeping.

4. Gold Mining Stocks

These are stocks of gold mining and exploration companies. When price of gold rises, some mining stocks offer handsome dividends when the issuing companies profits.

5. Gold Mutual Funds

These are funds that have gold in the portfolio managed by professional fund managers. Some funds are region specific (such as US) or spread across different mining companies.

No matter what kind of instruments you choose to invest in, you have to mix your portfolio with the right proportion with your equities. The strategy to investin gold is to have balance portfolio with diversification. The objective is to use gold as a hedge against flunctuations in fixed income market. The best strategy is to start with 10 % level of your portfolio to invest in gold and slowly varies you level of gold to increase your portfolio stability.

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Forex worldwide for beginners now

Mar 25, 2020
forex trading

Lets talk about Forex.

I am sure you heard of Forex. I has been around for so many decades. You must have hear it from friends or anyone around you.

Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange Market) has been used by international banks and large investment companies for years to make millions of dollars. However, with easy access to the Internet, it is now possible for anyone to take advantage of this powerful tool and make money the same way large institutions do, even with minimal startup funds at hand.

Even experienced investors seem mystified by Forex and have very little understanding of it. Forex is not much different from the Stock Market, often the same or similar techniques can be used to trade currency as is used to trade stocks and commodities. What make Forex so mysterious is the lack of available information and opportunities of training.


Why invest in forex


I have listed 10 good reasons why I prefer Forex to the Stock Market or any other investment option and why any individual, or small investor, should look at getting involved with Forex:

1. A 24 hour market. You don’t have to worry about running out of time because the Forex is open 24 hours a day, nearly all week.

2. Huge liquidity. Have you ever got stuck trying to get rid of some stocks or options? With Forex, there are always buyers, thousands of them!

3. No commission on your trading. This is specially important for individuals with small amount of money to invest. When using other investment vehicles the cost of the investment is often prohibitive no matter how attractive the investment itself is. Brokerage and other government fees can easily eat up your profit even before you completed a transaction. With Forex, there are no brokerage, government etc fees involved.

4. Low transaction costs. Typically less than 0.1%!

5. No middleman. The investor is dealing directly with the Market.


For other points..


6. Instantaneous transactions. Forex is fully computerised and transaction can be completed in as little 2 seconds. The investor does not have to wait for trade confirmation to arrive by email, worst yet, by post. All ‘paper-work’ is in electronic format, easily viewed, search, analysed.

7. Huge leverage yet low margin. Both increase your profit. In most cases leverage of 10:1 to 100:1 is the rule not the exception.

8. Minimal startup requirements. Again very important for individual or small investors. With Forex it is possible to start trading with as little as $300.00 dollars!

9. Easy access to the Market and your accounts, online, 24/7. Since Forex is completely computerise, anyone with Internet access can trade online and easily access their account and trading history. Most trading platforms allow the user to export this information to other third party software for storage, graphing, analysis etc.

10. No insider trading. Because of the way Forex is ‘de-centralise’, it is almost impossible for anyone to fraud the system.

I could go on for ever about Forex, it is an amazing tool for investors and also a very exciting opportunity for individuals. I hope you’ll catch the fever, too. It is never too late to get to it.


Know your forex


Uniqueness of Forex


There are so many types of investment opportunities. For those that are looking for an exciting way to invest – Forex definitely delivers. Forex stands for foreign exchange and it is the worldís largest financial market.

Forex is quite different from investing in the NYSE or NASDAQ because Forex takes place at dozens of locations all over the world. In fact, most traders are day traders that trade from home. While this form of investing can be risky, it can be extremely profitable.

Forex trading occurs 24 hours per day (except on weekends). One of the things that make Forex unique is that you arenít buying a currency or selling a currency, you are actually trading one currency for another.


Knowing forex in depth


While Forex seems very easy at first, it can be extremely complicated and risky. There are tons of tools online that can help you climb the steep learning curve and for those that do, it is possible to make a very, very good living.

Forex is an interesting investment for some because of the amount of leverage one can have. Some Forex trading brokerages allow their member accounts to leverage the amount of currencies they purchase by 10, 25, 50 times or more. This means with an initial investment of $1K, you can theoretically control over 50K of currencies in some situations.

While this can lead to large profits, it can also lead to financial ruin if you make the wrong decision on a trade. One of the ways that many investors learn to trade Forex without risk is to use the systems simulation platform.

Many Forex brokerages have a simulation platform that is identical to the normal platform and uses current, real world data. This way, if you are just starting out and make a mistake on the simulation, it won’t cost you a dime.


Characteristics of forex to know about


Forex can be extremely fast paced. While many investors are those that are day traders looking to make a quick buck each day, others trade for the long term, looking for long term trends that are much less riskier and can return much more than a day trade. Whatever your strategy, Forex can be an excellent way to invest.

It should be noted that almost anyone can trade from their computer and with a limited amount of investment, however before you trade, get to know the system you trade on and the dynamics of the foreign currency market.

With over $1.5 trillion changing hands daily, it might be advantageous for you to investigate the extremely lucrative business opportunity involving currency trading.

Once the domain of major banks and corporations, this field is now an open playground for the ordinary individual.

The following information gives you a comparison of different investment opportunities in comparison to Forex trading Forex could be the perfect opportunity for you if you are willing to have an open mind and investigate.

Equities are dependant on variable factors regarding when to buy and when to sell. With Forex, the opportunity to buy or sell is always present.


money to get

Understanding Futures & other investment


Futures require a person to pay exchange fees as well as commission charges. Forex requires no commission charges or fees. Futures also limit to specific trading hours, whereas Forex is not limited and is available 24/7. Also, with Futures, once a person buys they are basically lock in for a specific amount of time.

Forex Offers flexibility to change position within seconds at the onset of any variable which could effect the particular economic security. When a late breaking news or factor is announce, bam trade is make within seconds.

Real Estate can be devastating to the novice and often requires larger amounts of investments. It is also volatile with the factors which can affect the buying and selling. Ask any real estate investor; they all can tell you the horror stories. The emotional strain of a lingering negative tenant is enough to make any investor throw up their hands and run for the hills.


The reality for other forms of investment


An investor may often have money tied up in an investment for several years depending on the situation involved. Although real estate has been up in value for the past few years, many now believe the market has bottomed out and value is growing at a snailís pace.

Many investors often have to wait on approval from banks in regards to financing or releasing money for financing; therefore, an investor may have his money wrapped up long-term. Forex is extremely flexible.

CDís and Savings Accounts offer security but with little return on the investment dollar. With Forex, a sharp trader can often multiply his investment many times over.

Annuities are mostly safe for the long-term, but if an investor needs to pull his money out for the short term, he may have to pay surrender charges which can range as high as 6-8% if withdrawn within the first 6 to 8 years.

In his article entitled, Are Annuities a Worthwhile Investment, Don Taylor, Ph.D., CFA ( states that most investors would be better off considering annuities as a last resort rather than a first choice when it comes to creating an investment portfolio.




There is a learning curve with Forex; however, the investment in time may pay multiple benefits in terms of investment. There are many avenues to achieve wealth, but few as flexible and lucrative as Forex. With a 24/7 timetable, a person can be in business starting with just a few hundred dollars, the right training and a computer. This flexibility allows a person to work from the comfort of their own home and be in control.

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