About us. Coingoer is a social network platform that comprise mainly on topics in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, stocks, personal finance and gold. Started in 2018, this is how Coingoer is found. We indulge in blockchain technology, bitcoin and various altcoins and other investment related topics. Notably, there is much more room for improvement in decentralized technology. It is predict that blockchain is destine to change how the world function.

Why this site?

We encourage everyone to discuss on the crypto trends and latest news. Sharing of ideas is welcome here. Bitcoin & cryptpcurrency has been the core interest. Coingoer hope to create a conductive social environment for people to learn more about these niches. This platform provide bitcoin buying service, course taking and other services. Our readers varies from retail investors, developers, exchanges, observers as well as the majority ordinary folks.

Feel free to talk to us

It is believe we can make this a much better site. Furthermore there are going to be long term plans for this site to provide even more crypto-related services. Probably next time, this site can also help everyone to learn about trading, technology and to network. We also hope to improve privacy options even more.

We value any feed back to make this platform a better place. Should you want to make an enquiry, you may email us at [email protected]

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