Buy bitcoins now. There are various ways to buy them. You can buy from crypto-exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. From them, you buy them through the bank transfer option. You may also buy through debit/ credit card from these crypto-exchanges but there is a limit cap to it which will subsequence increase when you purchase more from them. Other wise, can also buy from Coinmama and Paydex if you wish to buy mainly through debit/ credit cards. There is no cap limit using these 2 platform.

There are some things to consider before buying bitcoin. 

It is important to buy from reputable sources. Check the reviews of exchangers and of course the fees charged. If cost is a concern to you, getting these bitcoin locally (P2P) is the best bet.

Coingoer introduce you to Paxful, one of the best few platform to buy bitcoins locally. There are various ways to buy them. Paxful is a establish platform where millions of people buy their bitcoins. Check them out. Get a good deal now.

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