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Here, you can find some useful links on crypto news sites and exchanges site. Feel free to comment in the forum for anything you wish to discuss. Should there be any other sites which you want us to add, let me know.


Some important websites regarding bitcoin, altcoins and blockchain:


For news sites: -A cryptocurrency publication for beginners & advanced users to stay updated with the growing digital currency industry. -One of the most influentional news source written for everyone dealing with FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Payments and Internet of Things. -A leading digital media, events and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community.


For crypto exchanges: -The largest Bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity and also trading Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. -One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange with high-frequency trading systems for brokers. -One of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea. -A US based bitcoin and future altcoin exchange. All trading pairs are against USD and a fresh approach to crypto with a philosophy of ownership, no fees, top of the line security, and an impeccable user experience. -A bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between USD currency and bitcoin cryptocurrency. -A digital asset exchange base in Hong Kong that provides financial services to global traders who use blockchain technology. -A world-leading cryptocurrency financial services provider with a mission to both make the financial industry more efficient, and to make wealth more accessible to everyone. -A digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. -A cryptocurrency exchange base in China. -One of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange, providing markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, USDT, and more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total. -An AI enhanced digital asset exchange in China. -A cryptocurrency exchange base in South Korea. -A cryptocurrency exchange base in China. -A part of Coinbase, with trading platform for experienced users. Used to be call GDAX.


For important bitcoin sites: -Bitcoin main site set up by blockchain developers -A premier source for everything Bitcoin related.They help you to buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely.