PRO6 Token
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    • November 15, 2019 at 12:30 pm

      ProperSix’s PRO6 token is not a speculative cryptocurrency, The PRO6 token value increases directly in relation to the company´s sales and earnings. The value is governed by the cash flow in the ProperSix casino as well as activities on the other platforms and each transaction benefits the value. ProperSix has solved the management through ProperSix exchange, the Company has its own exchange removing the need of a costly third party. The exchange will allow clients to exchange the largest cryptocurrencies, FIAT (Euro, USD, GBP to name a few) and of course the PRO6 tokens. The ProperSix Visa card is linked to it’s products, so that the members can access their cryptocurrencies to use online and in stores. Thanks to their outstanding product knowledge they have earned a market leading position and they are ready to launch!

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