• What is blocking the decentralized internet?
    Interoperability is one of the hottest phrases in the blockchain lexicon, but there are fears that many of the solutions out there merely serve as a sticking plaster. ... read more
    Source: cointelegraph.comPublished on 2021-04-13
  • Budget Deficit Surges to Record $1.7 Trillion in Just Six Months
    The US government ran a budget deficit of $659.59 billion in March, pushing the budget shortfall to a record $1.7 trillion through the first half of fiscal 2021. The March budget deficit ranks as the third biggest monthly shortfall in US history, driving Uncle Sam the biggest half-year deficit ever. ... read more
    Source: SchiffgoldPublished on 2021-04-13
  • TIME Magazine Gets Into Bitcoin: Partners With Grayscale, Will Hold BTC on Balance Sheet
    TIME Magazine will be holding bitcoin on its balance sheet, the company’s president has confirmed. TIME is also partnering with Grayscale Investments to produce a video series on cryptocurrency and has agreed to be paid in bitcoin. TIME Magazine Will Hold Bitcoin on Balance Sheet TIME Magazine has partnered with ... read more
    Source: bitcoin.comPublished on 2021-04-13
  • Peter Schiff: Jerome Powell Making Promises the Fed Can’t Keep
    Jerome Powell was on 60 Minutes Sunday to reassure us that everything is great and the economy is in fine shape thanks to the Fed. He went on to guarantee the Fed’s indefinite economic support while downplaying inflation. Powell made a lot of promises, but as Peter Schiff breaks it ... read more
    Source: SchiffgoldPublished on 2021-04-13
  • Linux Foundation launches blockchain-based platform for insurance
    The Linux Foundation and the American Association of Insurance Services are co-launching a blockchain-based platform to help the insurance industry. ... read more
    Source: cointelegraph.comPublished on 2021-04-13
  • DeFi Is Changing: And It’s for the Better
    As the term suggests, decentralized finance is the rapidly growing field of decentralized financial tools and platforms — many of which provide access to crucial services that are scarcely available in many regions. As a rapidly growing industry, the DeFi landscape is iterating at a pace that few can keep up ... read more
    Source: bitcoinist.comPublished on 2021-04-13



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